Lactation Consultant


For warm, caring and professional support from Renee Kam.

Our Lactation Consultant, Renee, is highly skilled in assisting from birth well into the early childhood years and can help with a range of feeding concerns, including:

• Sore nipples and/or breasts
• Low supply
• Low weight gains
• Positioning and attachment
• Mastitis, blocked ducts, thrush, vasospasm, white spot
• Sleep and settling
• Oversupply
• Breast refusal
• Fussy babies
• Biting
• Introduction of family foods
• Nutritional advice

Renee is open-minded and non-judgmental. She will help you decide how you want to feed your child and establish a feeding plan that best suits you and your child, rather than telling you what you “should do”.

Renee spends approximately 2hours at your home (or at NEST) to help you develop feeding strategies tailored to you and your child. 

At the conclusion of your visit, Renee can provide you with a written plan which outlines the feeding strategies discussed with you during the consultation.

Following your initial visit, you are not flying solo. Renee stays in touch during the next few weeks to provide support and advice to you and your child. If further assistance is required, a follow-up visit can be scheduled.

Renee may also refer you to one of our clinicians if they believe there may be an underlying medical concern. A benefit of the NEST model of care is that you have a complete team of multi-disciplinary professionals, including Obstetricians, Paedetricians, Physiotherapists and more, at your fingertips to seamlessly and effectively extend the level of care available. Learn more about the range of services offered at our Elsternwick and Hawthorn clinics at Our Nest.

Contact us for further information about our Lactation Consultant service and fees, or to make a booking. When making a booking our admin team will take your details and liaise with Renee about an appointment time that suits you both either at NEST Elsternwick or Hawthorn or in your home. If you book a home visit, our admin team will contact you beforehand to take payment over the phone.