What does NEST stand for?

NEST stands for “Nurturing and Enhancing Smooth Transitions” and refers to the wide range of services offered at NEST Family Clinic that are geared towards assisting families and “families to be” in the transition to parenthood both physically and emotionally, so that the best possible outcomes are achieved.   

What does “peri natal” mean?

Peri-natal refers to the period of time leading up to, around, and following a baby’s birth. This includes pre conception, pregnancy, birth and the post natal period.

How do I access NEST services?

NEST Services can be accessed by clicking on the contact us page where you will find the details on how to phone or email our friendly reception team to arrange an appointment for a consultation. 

When booking an appointment, please advise our reception team if the matter is urgent, if you need a longer appointment, or if more than one family member needs to be seen by a doctor, to ensure adequate time is allocated for your appointment.

Do I need a GP referral to access NEST services?

You do not need a referral to see the GPs, Physiotherapists, Dietitian, Chinese Medicine Practitioner or to access most of the outreach Your NEST services.

A referral is required from your treating doctor to access all NEST specialist services such a Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Paediatrics.   

A GP referral in the form of a “Mental Health Care Plan” or a Psychiatrists referral is required to access the Medicare rebate for NEST Psychology services.

For your convenience, particularly if you do not have your own doctor already, the GP service at NEST is also able to assist with the referral process.

Can I be seen today?

We understand from time to time you may need to see a doctor on the same day, and in every instance we will endeavour to accommodate appointments in a timely manner.  We are particularly dedicated to the health and wellbeing of babies and children and will do everything within our control to accommodate same day appointments for them.

Useful emergency contact numbers:

For urgent medical attention dial 000 for an ambulance.

Mental Health
The Alfred Crisis (CAT) Team    1300 363 746
Life Line 13 11 14
Suicide Helpline Victoria 1300 651 251       
Parenting Advice
Maternal & Child Health             13 22 29
Parent Line 13 22 89

Do I need to make an appointment for referrals and prescriptions

Many patients ask if they need to make an appointment for a repeat script or referral. The short answer is YES. NEST strives to maintain excellence in all aspects of health care and in order to achieve this we require appointments to be booked with your doctor for all referrals, prescriptions and test results. If this is an uncomplicated appointment in which instance the only task of the appointment is to receive a repeat prescription or referral, in some cases you may be charged a reduced fee. 

Phone requests for scripts or referrals outside of a consultation takes time. We ask that you respect your GPs time and make an appointment for anything you need, whenever possible. All services, such as repeat scripts and referrals , without a consultation, attract a private fee.

The fee for a repeat script or referral, without an appointment is $25. 

There may also be a fee for the completion of forms.   

What happens if I cancel or miss my appointment?

We understand life can become busy and on some occasions it may be difficult to attend a scheduled appointment. In these circumstances, we would appreciate as much notice as possible of inability to attend an appointment so your appointment time can be allocated to another patient. We will also reschedule your appointment to a more convenient time.

In order to provide the best possible service to patients, all aspects of NEST including GP services predominantly operates on an appointment basis, which we endeavour to run to time. Therefore, we are generally unable to fill appointment spaces that are cancelled late or not attended, disadvantaging other patients and our doctors. Accordingly NEST has a late cancellation and non-attendance policy.  

For GP services;

A $20 fee applies to late cancellation of appointments (within 2 hours of your appointment), and in the instance of a non-attendance a $40 fee applies. 

Our Saturday appointments are in high demand and whilst we do everything we can to fit everyone in, sometimes we are unable to. Therefore, late cancellations and non-attendances on a Saturday are particularly unfair for all concerned. Accordingly, on a Saturday, an appointment cancelled within 2 hours of the scheduled appointment time or not attended attracts the full fee of the consultation missed (plus GST).

For Allied Health Services; 

Psychology, Physiotherapy, Chinese Medicine, Dietetics, Lactation Consultations 

Appointments need to be cancelled by 5pm, two business days prior to the appointment. A late cancellation or non-attendance after this time will incur a $50 (plus GST) fee. A non-attendance (which includes a late cancellation made within two hours or less of the appointment) will incur a $100 (plus GST). These fees cannot be claimed for with Medicare or private health insurance which cannot be claimed for with Medicare or private health insurance.

For Psychiatry and other specialist appointments: 

A fee equal to 50% of the missed consultation fee applies to late cancellation of appointments (within 48 hours of your appointment - This relates to business days, therefore in the case of a Monday appointment we expect the cancellation be made by the Thursday prior), and in the instance of a non-attendance you forfeit the entire consultation fee. 

GST is applied to all late cancellation and non-attendance fees as a medical service has not been rendered and only medical services are GST exempt. No part of the late cancellation and non-attendance fee is rebatable via Medicare.

Does NEST offer an after-hours service?

NEST Family Clinic hours of operation are:


8.30am – 6pm Monday to Friday

9am – 1pm Saturday

Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

What are the fees at NEST?

NEST is a privately billing clinic. Our fees vary according to the duration, nature and complexity of the consultation.  Fees also vary according to the type of service accessed.  We request all fees be paid on the day of consultation.  If an account needs to be rendered because it is not paid on the day of an appointment an administration fee of $10 is added to your account. 

Fees for General Practice (usual consultations):

Visit                                            Fee         Saturday
Standard consultation $90 $100
Initial or long consultation  $180 $200

You will be advised if other costs (eg. Procedures, Immunisations) arise from the service and what these fees are. There are also separate fees for certain specialised new assessments.

Please contact NEST for more information regarding the fees of our specialist and other Allied Health services as due to the great number and variety of these it is impractical to put them all on the website. Some also warrant further explanation regarding the fee structure.

Is Bulk billing available at NEST?

Bulk billing is the billing method whereby the fee for a service is the same as the Medicare rebate (see below) and therefore there is no “out of pocket expense”. As NEST is a privately billing clinic, there is usually a gap between the Medicare rebate and the fee your clinician will charge. This is known as the “gap payment”. There are a few instances when your doctor may bill you a reduced fee. This will usually be when you have been asked to return to see the doctor to receive test results or for a repeat referral or prescription when there are no complicating factors.

What is the Medicare Rebate and how do I access it at NEST?

The Medicare Rebate refers to the partial funding of private medical services provided by the Australian Federal Government.  Medicare rebates apply to all GP consultations and all NEST services provided by specialist medical practitioners when you have the appropriate referral.

The rebate will vary according to the specialty and type of service provided but is generally 85% of the Schedule Fee for medical specialists and 100% of the Scheduled Fee for General Practice services. The Scheduled Fee is a figure determined the by the Department of Health and Aging and usually represents a compromise between what the Medicare Fee is and the Fee that the various professional bodies believe is fair and appropriate for the services provided. For more information about Medicare visit www.medicareaustralia.gov.au

The Medicare rebate also applies to NEST psychology services and can be accessed if you have a GP referral in the form of a “Mental Health Care Plan” or a Psychiatrist’s referral. The Medicare rebate is currently accessible for up to:

  • 10 individual psychology sessions per calendar year.; and
  • 10 group therapy sessions per calendar year

An assessment is required by your referring GP or Psychiatrist after the first 6 individual sessions and then again after 10 sessions. 

You may still see your Psychologist after you can no longer access your Medicare rebate and may be entitled to further rebates from your Private Health insurer if you have one. The details of how much their rebate is and for how long you can access it will depend on your insurer. You will have to contact your insurer to clarify this.

Private health rebates are also usually available for other NEST services such as Physiotherapy. Again you will have to clarify this with your individual insurer.

Once the full fee is paid for NEST medical and/or psychology services, the Medicare rebate can be claimed in one of two ways:

  • Via the Medicare EasyClaim facility at NEST that allows claims for rebates to be lodged at the time of payment and reimbursed electronically by Medicare into your nominated bank account, OR
  • In person at your local Medicare office on presentation of your NEST invoice, or by the post, phone or internet as per usual.

What is the Medicare Safety Net (Extended Medicare Safety Net)?

Access to the Medicare Safety Net makes the cost of medical and psychology services at NEST even more affordable.

The Medicare Safety Net provides patients with financial assistance when out-of-pocket medical costs for a given calendar year reach a certain threshold. 

What this means is that once non-hospital out-of-pocket medical costs for families and individuals reach this threshold, Medicare will pay 80% of all future out-of-pocket medical costs (Gap payments) for that calendar year. There are some exceptions to this whereby a cap is placed on refunds for some specialist services such as obstetrics, pregnancy ultrasound and IVF treatment.  

For more information about the Medicare Safety Net and to find out the current threshold amounts, please visit https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/medicare/medicare-safety-net/thresholds/original-threshold