Obstetric Shared Care


An alternative choice for antenatal/obstetric care

At NEST we want to deliver the best healthcare to the greatest number of people.

For a variety of reasons, some women and families choose to have a GP manage their pregnancy together with one of the large Public hospitals instead of choosing private Obstetric care.

This is known as "Shared care".

Dr. Claire Toohey and Dr. Amanda Scott are two of NEST Family Clinic's experienced GPs who offer an obstetric shared care service second to none. With many years of experience in this field Dr. Toohey and Dr. Scott share NEST's view that any family can experience personalised, compassionate and expert care during this exciting time.

As many expectant mothers have generally been well through their early adult years they often do not have, not until the time they plan or achieve preganacy, a family GP. Accordingly, many families find that one of the distinct advantages of Shared care is that the family then can continue on with the shared care GP as the family doctor as the kids grow, which for many families is a special touch.

For any further information on Shared Care at NEST please call us on 1300 637 832 and we can schedule an initial appointment with Dr. Toohey or Dr. Scott.