Physiotherapy is a critical component of the overall health of women during the antenatal and postnatal period.

NEST's Physio, Genia Barmakov is the perfect person to look after you! 

Genia specialises in Women's Health physiotherapy and is a qualified acupuncturist. 

Fees & Services:

PHYSIO Appointments 
Initial appointment (1 hour)                             $180
Standard appointment (30mins)                     $120
*Private health rebates apply*

ACUPUNCTURE Appointments (Genia) 
Initial appointment (1 hour)                             $120

Standard appointments (of 30mins) can also be booked once a patient has had an initial appointment. These are $90. 
*Private health rebates apply*

Acupuncture is used to treat various physical and mental conditions. Fine needles are inserted into the skin at specific points along which are considered to be the pipelines of blood flow & energy (meridians).

(Group of three people for 1 hour)

Class times are:
Tuesday 11am-12pm (NEST Elsternwick)
Wednesday  2pm – 3pm (NEST Elsternwick)

Casual class   $45
Four class pack   $160 ($40 per class)
*Private health rebates apply*

TENS THERAPY - a learning session (Genia)
Standard (30mins)                    $120

 A TENS machine is a portable battery powered device used  for the pain relief of muscular and  nerve injury and are a fantastic tool to use in labour!

Genia Barmakov 

Genia provides assessment and treatment for a range of conditions including:
  • Pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain
  • Childbirth preparation
  • Childbirth recovery
  • Postnatal related issues - abdominal muscle separation, mastitis or engorgement, upper back and thumb/wrist pain
  • Pain
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction - urine incontinence, bowel symptoms, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, pelvic floor muscle weakness
  • Acute and chronic low back pain
  • Pelvic girdle pain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Poor balance and mobility
  • Neck pain
  • Post operative rehabilitation
  • Joint pain (e.g. hip and shoulder)

Treatment Techniques:

The objective of physiotherapy is to gently restore balance to the body through several techniques without using medication.

Physical ailments are targeted with dedication and care.  Treatment techniques include:

  • Treatment Ultrasound 
  • Joint and spinal mobilisation
  • Massage techniques
  • Exercise prescription
  • Corrective taping and strapping
  • Muscle retraining
  • Patient education
  • Acupuncture